B2B Listing

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Traditional B2B Listing effectively showcases your business, products and services to link up with active farmer users and dealer shops on Green Way app’s Zaytangyi (Marketplace). Products will be displayed with specific instructions and respective descriptions to be rightfully applied and utilized, and business reputation will be enhanced as the company has been registered on Green Way application.

Build up a profile on Zaytangyi (Marketplace)

Registering and listing products on Green Way will help your business maintain sustainability and user-friendly. That is, farmers can browse products under your company profile with the provided information for each product and end up buying them from B2C shops on Zaytangyi (Marketplace) directly.


More dealers to fuel your sales

With specific instructions and respective descriptions on each product under your company profile enables you to meet more dealers and even distributors that will result in greater profit margins and market expansion.

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