Now Women and Youths can be part of Family Farming on the Green Way app

We are excited to announce a new update to the Green Way app! This update includes a new family account feature that allows you to share your farming data with your family members and an upgraded Q&A feature for providing better solutions. 


Family Account Feature Update – Cultivating Together, Growing Together! 🌿

The Green Way app family account feature has been updated to make it easier for family members to collaborate on agriculture and aquaculture farm management. With the new update, family members can now:

  • Family members can record agriculture and aquaculture farms together.  
  • See the sale and buy items of other family members.
  • See the transactions made by other family members in the marketplace.

The family account feature is turned on by default, but you can hide your transactions or posts from family members if you prefer “privacy”.

We believe it is a good move for empowering the women and youths’ participation in the farming sector. 


Here are some additional benefits of the new family account feature:

  • Transparent Farming Experience: Everyone in the family can gain a deeper understanding of the farming process and the associated costs. The best way of empowering to reach sustainable farming goals. 
  • Improved collaboration: The ability to share information and collaborate on tasks makes it easier to get things done.
  • Reduced stress: When everyone is on the same page, cultivating together, growing together.

If you’re a Green Way app user, we encourage you to check out the new family account feature and see how it can benefit your farm.


Improved Q&A Feature for Better Answers and Solutions

We’ve updated our Q&A feature to make it easier for users to get accurate answers and solutions to their questions. Here are some of the new features:

  • Question topic voting: Experts can now vote on the topic that a question is related to. This will help to ensure that questions are routed to the right experts and that users receive the most relevant answers.
  • Topic suggestions: Experts can also suggest topics that they think best suit a question. This will help to expand the range of topics that are covered by the Q&A feature.
  • Related articles and Q&As: We have provided a collection of related articles and Q&As. This will help users to find additional information and solutions to their problems.
  • Contextual ads: We will also provide a list of products from our sponsors that may be helpful in solving the problem that the question is facing. This is a great way for users to learn about new products and services that can help them with their needs. 

We hope that these new features will make the Q&A feature even more valuable to our users. If you have any questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Here are some additional benefits of the improved Q&A feature:

  • Faster and more accurate answers: With the help of experts, questions are routed to the right people and answered more quickly and accurately.
  • More comprehensive information: Related articles and Q&As provide users with more comprehensive information about the topic of their question.
  • More helpful solutions: Sponsored products can help users find solutions to their problems that they may not have been aware of.

We hope that you will take advantage of the improved Q&A feature and let us know what you think.

We know you know what the Green Way app is. Here is the brief: 

Green Way, the First and Best Agri-mobile App for Myanmar. It can be used not only by small-scale farmers but also anyone in the agricultural sector. This freemium mobile application provides climate-smart farming information, services and data-driven solutions to address challenges on Myanmar’s agriculture and livestock farms. E-commerce marketplace (Zay Tan Gyi) platform enables farmers to buy their required agricultural input supplies and sell their produce /products directly to traders and consumers.


Meet our new team member 

Meet Bruce Oo, Greenovator’s dynamic Sales and Marketing Manager. With a deep passion for connecting farmers and technology, Bruce envisions an innovative and sustainable future in the agribusiness sector. He drives our sales growth strategies, forging meaningful connections with the target audience. Bruce’s vision includes leveraging digital solutions like Green Way App to empower farmers, increase yields, and access valuable markets. With Bruce at the helm, we are committed to staying ahead of industry trends and revolutionizing traditional farming practices. Join us on this transformative journey to build a sustainable and prosperous agricultural sector.


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