Women empowerment training


Women empowerment plays a key role in civilization.
Greenovator had the great opportunity to educate people in women empowerment especially those farmers in Bago and Magway and the event was successfully held thanks to ICCO (Part of Cordaid) who contributed financially.
The knowledge sharing of women empowerment happened the same day along with Asein Yone Mat Tan user manual training but the Community service on Green Way Agri-Livestock-Fishery Mobile App (Myanmar) was taken seriously for women empowerment since it is one of the most sustainable ways to organize, educate and support our female farmers effectively.
Here is the fun part of this post if you are a female. You can kindly check our Community on Green Way Agri-Livestock-Fishery Mobile App (Myanmar) that empowers female farmers online.

“နှီးနှောဖလှယ် တောင်သူမယ်” run by Female Farmers
“ရှမ်းပြည်နယ် အမျိုးသမီးတောင်သူများအဖွဲ့” run by Shan Women Farmer Community
“စွန့်ဦးကြံရွယ်ပျိုမေမယ်” run by ICCO

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